Shampoo Bar Formulation Class

This class demonstrates three formulations using different solid surfactants.

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Learn to make a Shampoo Bar.


Shampoo bars are all the rage now and the market is going to keep increasing substantially due to the demand for sustainable hair care products and reducing plastic waste. They reduce plastic waste by not being in a plastic bottle, Most shampoo plastic containers are not recycled and end up in the landfill. This class is on shampoo bars made with solid surfactants. The solid surfactants are derived using green chemistry with renewable and sustainable ingredients.

The shampoo bar formulation has a good flash foam with mildness to the hair leaving the hair soft, shiny and smooth. The shampoo bar is simple to make. It is also simple to use on the hair.

You will learn about solid surfactants and which I prefer and why. You’ll learn the procedures for making shampoo bars and customizing them for hair types


Training Videos to Watch

Part 1 Demonstration of Shampoo Bars

Part 2 Ingredients

Part 3 Making Shampoo Bars with SCI Noodles, SCS Noodles
Part 4 Testing pH in 10% Solution

Part 5 Making Shampoo Bars with SCI Powder, SCS Noodles

Part 6 Making Shampoo Bars with SCI Powder, SLSA Powder 

Part 7  Colorant

Part 8 Tips for Shampoo Bars


Shampoo Bar Formulation Class


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