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October: Renowned Cosmetic Chemist

Chuck Friedman - Personal Care Product Development Chemist with 45+ years of experience with Burt’s Bees, Revlon, Almay and Estee Lauder.

Guest Expert, Chuck Friedman - Cosmetic Chemist

Topic: Formulating Skin Care Products

 Q+A:  Ask your questions to Cosmetic Chemist Chuck Friedman


Formulation Class: Facial Cleanser Pods


Worksheet: Emulsion Development Worksheet



In The LAB



Clean Beauty

Getting clarity on ingredients for your skin and hair care line and making claims. Sorting through bio-technology, bio-based ingredients, green chemistry, private standards


Formulating with Hemp CBD

Learn about Hemp CBD in personal care products. Discover the different forms of Hemp CBD and which one is best to use in your formulations plus the usage amounts for effective use. 


Expert Lessons


 Clean Beauty with Guest Expert, Gay Timmons 

  • Get Clarity on ingredients for your skin and hair care line  
  • Learn about claims, being trusted, accountable and credible
  • Get tools and learn about private certifications and government standards

Natural Glycols in Personal Care with Guest Expert, Damien Perriman

  • Learn about sustainable and renewable biotechnology and bio based ingredients for Personal Care 
  • Formulation differences between naturally sourced glycols
  • Green Chemistry 


Hemp CBD in Personal Care Products with Guest Expert, Kayla Fioravanti

  • What is Hemp CBD?
  • Hemp CBD for topical use
  • Formulating with Hemp CBD


Natural Textured Hair with Guest Expert, Aminah Lawson 

  • Transitioning to Natural Hair
  • Key Products and Ingredients for Natural Textured Hair


Worksheets (Downloads)

  • LAB Notebook
  • Cosmetic Formula
  • Product Development
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Chart
  • Shampoo Development Worksheet
  • Emulsion Development Worksheet

Q+ A's

  • Live Q+A with Gay Timmons (recorded)
  • Live Q+A with Kayla Fioravanti, Owner and Chief Formulator at Ology Essentials (recorded)
  • Live Q+A with Aminah Lawson on Natural Textured Hair


Resource Library 

  •  The Formulators Ingredient Glossary


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Coming To The LAB

November: Natural Minerals

November 3, 2020 at 12:00pm PDT

Live Q + A: Natural Minerals 101 For Cosmetics with Frances Troy


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