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The Formulators Lab is a women owned company, founded by Joan Morais and her daughters, Michelle Morais and Brittney Morais and business relations advisory from Melissa Morais Parr. We want to provide a supportive place for the modern formulator to expand her education and advance her skills on formulating and making stable, safe and effective formulations.


Joan Morais

I am the CEO of The Formulators Lab. I’m also the founder of Joan Morais Cosmetics School, teaching cosmetic formulation for over 15 years to thousands of students from around the world. I teach how to formulate and make natural hair and skin care products in my Online Diploma Courses.  

For years, I’ve wanted to create a platform for formulators and makers, whom I call the modern formulator. To provide a place for advancement after taking my formulation courses or other courses. To share technical information bridging the science and art of cosmetic formulation. To be a reliable and trustworthy source in the cosmetic industry. To provide education on improving formulations, sustainability and clarity by sorting through the mass amount of contradictory information on cosmetic ingredients and formulations.

As a child and teen, I wasn’t exposed to science or encouraged to learn science. I went to an all-girls high school and the science classes, chemistry class, was held at the all-boys school across town. I had no idea the intriguing world that science offers us. I’ve always had a deep connection with nature and during my 40’s, I started my journey with the study of plants and became an herbalist. I infused plants, flowers and herbs that have been traditionally used to beautify skin and hair. I noticed the effect with radiant skin and hair from my herbal products.

I wanted to improve my herbal lotion and develop a shelf-stable, non-greasy lotion, similar to conventional lotions at the stores. I jumped in formulating and making lotions. Immediately, I started doubting and questioning my ability due to the lack of a science degree. After many failures of developing lotion, my negative thoughts took over. The thought of going back to college for a science degree was overwhelming. I realized, I couldn’t handle the huge financial burden, working my job and raising three children. I then pulled from my inner strength and a whisper that encouraged me to keep going. I self-studied intensely, learning as much as I could about cosmetic chemistry and developing lotion. I sent my lotion to a cosmetic lab and it passed the 2 month challenge testing. I was one of the first to teach my tested, stable, safe and effective natural lotion to thousands. Still to this day, many natural lotions on the market are from my original lotion formula. Eventually, I took chemistry classes and cosmetic chemistry courses.

My business, Joan Morais Naturals, was growing, I took a huge risk quitting my day job, with $20,000 in business debt, to teach full time. I’ve now taught thousands of students from all over the world. Many students have successful natural hair and skin care lines. In 2020, I rebranded from Joan Morais Naturals to Joan Morais Cosmetics School launching my courses into a new platform that major universities use, so I can better help my students to learn.

Formulating and making cosmetics is in our DNA. We have mixed concoctions and applied potions to our skin and hair forever. The Formulators Lab is a welcoming place for anyone with the passion of formulating and making cosmetics.


Brittney Morais

Brittney has a passion for business, design and beauty. Her background is in developing and growing businesses and has a knack for harvesting vision and design. She is especially interested in plant-based and cruelty-free business innovations. Brittney oversees and directs The Formulators Lab.


Michelle Morais

Michelle Morais has a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition. Michelle has always been interested in science and enjoys research. Her career background is in management and customer service, always motivated by connections with her clients and by making them happy. As a Director of Customer and Business Services, Michelle manages customer services, business planning, communications, and social media. 


About Melissa Morais Parr
Business Relations Advisor

Melissa Morais Parr has a Master’s in Marriage & Family Therapy and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. As the Business Relations Advisor, Melissa advises in areas for personal and business growth, strategic planning and client relations. Melissa is passionate about helping women, particularly mothers, overcome feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and negative thought patterns in order to live more fulfilling and happier lives. Melissa’s online therapy practice can be found at MMP Therapy.



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