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March 2021 Members - Free

Overnight Face Mask

overnight face mask formulation class - The Formulators LAB

Overnight Face Mask Formulation Class


Class will be available March 18, 2021.

Overnight Face Mask – Deep Hydration


The Purpose of the Overnight Face Mask

  • Deep Hydration in the Skin
  • Reduce TEWL
  • Lock in Moisture
  • Restore the Skin Barrier
  • Reduce Fine Lines
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Smooth and Soften Skin
  • Reduce Irritated Skin

Developed For

  • Dry and Dehydrated Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Rosacea
  • Blemished
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Compromised Skin Barrier
  • Wrinkled Skin

This deep hydration face mask was developed for dry, sensitive, aging, rosacea, blemished and most skin types.

The mask contains ingredients to support and restore the skin barrier function and reduce Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). One of the ingredients in the formulation is a vegan honey substitute, plant-based, 100% natural and plays a key role in skin barrier improvement. Studies show it provides instant and long-lasting skin hydration in the skin for up to 70 hours. Other natural and organic ingredients in the formulation, phospholipids and vitamins are shown in helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the skin barrier, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and blotchy skin plus locks moisture into the skin providing deep hydration and soft, smooth skin.

The divine scent is completely from the plant ingredients in the formulation. No additional scent or essential oils are added making it an exceptional mask for sensitive and highly reactive skin.

Every ingredient serves a beneficial purpose for the skin, are microbiome friendly and to support and restore the skin barrier.

The ingredients in this formulation are ECOCERT and COSMOS approved for natural and organic, NATRUE certified.  


How To Use the Overnight Face Mask

  1. For instant overnight hydration, at night, apply a thick layer of the Deep Hydration Mask on a clean face.
  2. Gently massage the mask onto the face, neck and décolleté.
  1. Use twice a week or every night.


Training Videos to Watch

Part 1: About Overnight Face Mask

Part 2: Ingredients

Part 3: Making the Formulation



  1. Overnight Face Mask Formulation Class


March 2021 Member Price $0.00 USD ($195.00 value)

Available Formulation Classes to Purchase

Exclusive for LAB Members

Conditioner Bar

natural deodorant formulation class - The Formulators LAB

Conditioner Bar Formulation Class


When developing this solid conditioner formulation it took several tries. Finally discovered an ingredient that made all the difference that I do not see in any conditioner bars. It really helps to penetrate the hair, add conditioning, soft comb-through, add shine and does not weigh the hair down. This conditioner bar formulation pairs beautifully with the shampoo bar formulations. There is not another one like this on the market or any formulations like this. 


Training Videos to Watch

Part 1: About Conditioner Bar

Part 2: Handout Review

Part 3: Ingredients

Part 4: Making the Formulation



  1. Conditioner Bar Formulation Class


Member Price $95.00 USD

Natural Mineral Deodorant

natural deodorant formulation class - The Formulators LAB

Natural Mineral Deodorant Formulation Class

Solid Stick and Paste formulations included.

Natural deodorants are intended to reduce underarm odor. 

This class demonstrates and includes a solid stick natural deodorant formulation. The deodorant stick contains ingredients to assist with absorbing and deodorizing and emollients to soften the skin, antibacterial agents to control bacteria, thickeners to thicken the stick and an antioxidant to delay rancidity of the oils, waxes and essential oils. There is also a formulation for a deodorant paste included.


Training Videos to Watch
Part 1: About Natural Deodorant

Part 2: Deodorant Containers

Part 3: Ingredients

Part 4: Formulation Ingredients

Part 5: Making the Formulation 



  1. Natural Deodorant Stick Formulation Class
  2. Natural Mineral Deodorant Paste


Member Price $95.00 USD

Shampoo Bar

shampoo bar formulation class - The Formulators LAB

Shampoo Bar Formulation Class


Shampoo bars are all the rage now and the market is going to keep increasing substantially due to the demand for sustainable hair care products and reducing plastic waste. They reduce plastic waste by not being in a plastic bottle, Most shampoo plastic containers are not recycled and end up in the landfill. This class is on shampoo bars made with solid surfactants. The solid surfactants are derived using green chemistry with renewable and sustainable ingredients.

The shampoo bar formulation has a good flash foam with mildness to the hair leaving the hair soft, shiny and smooth. The shampoo bar is simple to make. It is also simple to use on the hair.

You will learn about solid surfactants and which I prefer and why. You’ll learn the procedures for making shampoo bars and customizing them for hair types.

The Shampoo Bar can be easily adjusted and works for most hair types including textured, curly, fine, coarse, kinky and wavy.


Training Videos to Watch

Part 1: Demonstration of Shampoo Bars

Part 2: Ingredients

Part 3: Making Shampoo Bars with SCI Noodles, SCS Noodles

Part 4: Testing pH in 10% Solution

Part 5: Making Shampoo Bars with SCI Powder, SCS Noodles

Part 6: Making Shampoo Bars with SCI Powder, SLSA Powder 

Part 7: Colorant

Part 8: Tips for Shampoo Bars


Shampoo Bar Formulation Class


Member Price $95.00 USD

Facial Cleansing Pods

Facial Cleansing Pods formulation class - The Formulators LAB

Facial Cleansing Pods Formulation Class


Facial cleansing pods are sustainable, green, biodegradable and reduce plastic waste by not needing to be in a plastic container. Most plastic containers are not recycled, especially personal care product plastic containers. The recycling centers are very discriminating on the plastic they recycle; the color and the size matters whether it is recycled or not. 

These facial cleansing pods are formulated with a solid surfactant. They are gentle and yet remove makeup and do not sting the eyes. Facial cleansing pods are highly concentrated and very little is needed to cleanse the skin. These pods need to be placed away from the shower water and in a soap dish and allowed to air dry between cleansing for longer usage. 


Training Videos to Watch

Part 1: About Facial Cleansing Pods

Part 2: Ingredient Review

Part 3: Making Facial Cleansing Pods

Part 4: Testing pH

Part 5: Final Product


Facial Cleansing Pods Formulation Class


Member Price $95.00 USD

CBD Beauty Balm 

CBD Beauty Balm formulation class - The Formulators LAB

CBD Beauty Balm Formulation Class

Tropical Glow Beauty Balm infused with CBD


This beauty balm can be made with or without CBD. This class demonstrates two formulations with CBD in oil and CBD isolate.

Beauty balms are very popular now. They are one of the purest forms of locking moisture into the skin and beautifying the skin. This beauty balm formulation includes one of best ingredients from nature for the skin. This botanical ingredient is infused into the balm and slows the aging of skin, brightens skin and adds a radiant glow. This beauty balm formula is superior and can be made with or without hemp CBD.

Most clean beauty brands have a product or line with hemp CBD. Hemp CBD has proven to have a rightful place in the spotlight on the market with the topical benefits on skin.


Training Videos to Watch
Part 1: Ingredients

Part 2: Making Tropical Glow Beauty Balm with CBD Oil

Part 3: Making Tropical Glow Beauty Balm with CBD Isolate

Part 4: Comparing MCT, CCT and FCO



  1. Calculating CBD Amount
  2. Tropical Glow Beauty Balm CBD Isolate Formula and Procedure
  3. Tropical Glow Beauty Balm CBD Oil Formula and Procedure
  4. CBD Calculator
  5. Calculations for formula using the Excel CBD Calculator 


Member Price $95.00 USD