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Product Development

Expert Guest: Jill Munson, Wildling

  • Co-Founder of Wildling
  • Over 20 years of experience in new product development
  • Steps on how to create a new product from concept to market launch

Natural Perfumery

Expert Guest: Miriam Vareldzis, Palette Naturals

  • Founder and Creative Director of Palette Naturals
  • 100% Natural Perfumery Raw Ingredients 


Green Cosmetic Preservation

Expert Guest: Barbara Olioso, The Green Chemist Consultancy

  • Founder of The Green Chemist Consultancy
  • Green Cosmetic Preservation

Waterless and Low-Water Formulations

Expert Guest: Dennis Abbeduto, Colonial Chemical, Inc

  • Waterless Trends
  • Waterless Formulations
  • Low-Water Formulations

Renowned Cosmetic Chemist

Expert Guest: Chuck Friedman, Burt's Bees, Almay, Estee Lauder

Personal Care Product Development Chemist with 52 years of experience with Burt’s Bees, Revlon, Almay and Estee Lauder

Hemp CBD in Personal Care Products

Expert Guest: Kayla Fioravanti, Ology Essentials

  • What is Hemp CBD?
  • Hemp CBD for topical use
  • Formulating with Hemp CBD

Lipid Oils

Expert Guest: Susan Parker, The Lipid Oils Academy

  • Writer of Power of the Seed
  • Lipid Oils for Skin and Hair Care

Essential Oils for Skin and Hair

Expert Guest: Marge Clark, Nature's Gift

  • Founder and CEO of Nature's Gift
  • Essential Oils for Skin and Hair
  • Essential Oil Safety 
  • Differences of types of products (E.g. hydrosols/hydrolats)

Green Chemistry and Natural Glycols

Expert Guest: Damien Perriman, Genomatica

  • Learn about sustainable and renewable biotechnology and bio based ingredients for Personal Care 
  • Formulation differences between naturally sourced glycols
  • Green Chemistry 

Clean Beauty

Expert Guest: Gay Timmons, Oh Oh Organic

  • Get Clarity on ingredients for your skin and hair care line  
  • Learn about claims, being trusted, accountable and credible
  • Get tools and learn about private certifications and government standards

Natural Textured Hair

Expert Guest: Aminah Lawson, Crie Naturals

  • Transitioning to Natural Hair
  • Key Products and Ingredients for Natural Textured Hair

Natural Minerals 101 for Cosmetics

Expert Guest: Frances Troy, Imerys

  • Basic properties and variants of kaolin, perlite, mica and diatomaceous earth
  • Applications of kaolin, perlite, mica and diatomaceous earth
  • Safety of the minerals

Microbiological Testing for Cosmetics

Expert Guest: Megan Rutland, Microchem Laboratory

  • Team Lead for Cosmetic and Challenge Testing at Microchem Laboratory
  • Laboratory testing procedures such as aerobic plate count, preservative challenge and physical stability testing

Personal Care Business Sustainability Best Practices

Expert Guests: Dr. Vida Karamooz & Saied Karamooz, Blue Beautifly

  • Founders of Blue Beautifly - Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan and B Corp Skincare Company
  • Sustainable skincare company practices
  • Certifications

Hair Chemistry and Formulating Hair Care Products

Expert Guest: Cassandra Celestin, The Beauty Chemist

  • Cosmetic Chemist, Trichologist and Cosmetologist
  • Hair biology, physiology, chemistry
  • Formulating hair care products

Sunscreens - Regulatory Update

Expert Guest: Dr. Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development

  • Review sunscreens and their mode of action
  • Permitted UV filters
  • The impact of pending regulations on commerce

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