Continual Expert Training for the Modern Formulator

(fȯr-​myə-​ˌlā-​tər )

one who creates or introduces something new, a person who formulates, innovator, developer, maker, producer, creator

Take Formulating Cosmetics to the Next Level

The Formulators LAB is an online training platform for modern formulators to advance their skills in cosmetic formulation. We provide continuous expert education and classes on formulating and making stable, safe and effective natural hair and skin care products.



Our Formulation Classes are available to members and non-members. Members receive a $95.00 discount code for the current formulation. The $95.00 formulation class is free as a member perk! Formulation classes include one year access. Check out the calendar for the formulation class available as a member perk.


Formulation Classes 


Each class has been designed to improve and advance formulating skills in anhydrous, suspension and emulsion formulations. Classes range from in-depth training on a product formulation including using the best procedure and formula or ingredient spotlights including properties, function, chemistry and interaction of ingredients. With new classes launching regularly, you will quickly learn new successful formulations and procedures. 

What's Included in The Formulators LAB Membership?

Every month you can expect the following to happen in The Formulators LAB.

Expert Lessons and Live Q+A

Knowledge. Get Answers.

Each month we host an expert in the cosmetic industry sharing knowledge in their field to help you expand your skills as a formulator. Experts include cosmetic formulators, cosmetic chemists, manufacturing labs, cosmetic agencies, raw material suppliers, packaging suppliers, brand owners, herbalists, aromatherapists, salon owners, hair stylists and estheticians. The lesson is either a recorded presentation or a Live Q+A which is recorded and made available in our archives for you to listen to at your convenience. 


Expert Guests in the LAB.

Damien Perriman


Green Chemistry


Gay Timmons

Oh, Oh, Organic

Clean Beauty


Aminah Lawson

Crie Natural

Natural Textured Hair


Kayla Fioravanti

Ology Essentials

Hemp CBD


Chuck Friedman

Burt's Bees, Revlon, Almay, Estee Lauder

Cosmetic Chemist


Frances Troy



Natural Minerals 101


Resource Library 

Exclusive Access.

You will receive access to The Formulators Ingredient Glossary, (the first of its kind), complete with the latest natural ingredients. The Formulators Ingredient Glossary is a growing resource to quickly locate and identify ingredients. Ingredients are categorized and identified by approving private standards, bio based and biodegradable. Ingredients in the glossary are cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and vegan (contains no animal ingredients).




Here you’ll find downloads to save and print to help you with your cosmetic formulating including Customized Formulator Worksheets and Product Development Worksheets.


Community Forum


The Private Community Forum is a place to connect and communicate with like-minded, supportive cosmetic formulators and makers. Here you can ask your questions and share with other members.


Member Perks

Save Money.

Special offers including the $95.00 formulation class for free. Supplier discounts. 

The Formulators Lab Membership

We offer monthly and annual membership options.




Payments Processed Monthly

Memberships have a 3 month minimum.





2 Months Free Each Year






Expand Your Formulations Today

Continue to expand your knowledge on formulating safe, stable and effective natural hair and skin care products.

  • Clean Beauty 

  • Natural

  • Green

  • Sustainable

  • Ethical

  • Plant-Based

  • Cruelty-Free

Frequently Asked Questions

The Formulators LAB is an online training platform with a monthly membership, a member community forum and formulation classes (classes include for members and non-members). You have unlimited access to lessons with cosmetic industry experts, live Q+A's, the resource library, forum and member perks. It’s a place of support for you. It’s the next step after taking formulation classes or if you’ve been making cosmetics, to advance your cosmetic formulator skills. The Formulators LAB is here to help you make stable, safe and effective cosmetics. To empower you and provide you with a database of sustainable plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients. We’re here to save you time and money by supplying you with resources. Our goal is to empower you to become the best cosmetic formulator.

The modern formulator is passionate about formulating and making natural hair and skin care products. She wants to make stable, safe, effective and sustainable formulations. She loves transforming nourishing ingredients into products that are an elixir for radiant skin and hair. The modern formulator wants her products to touch each individual’s unique beauty. To infuse more joy and love into others and our world.

The topics include improving formulations and formulating with surfactants, preservatives and emulsifiers. Formulating with actives and botanicals. Stability and microbial testing. Green chemistry, bio-based ingredients, sustainable ingredients and clean beauty. Topics on the microbiome of the skin, textured hair, developing formulations and more.

Our members include hair stylists, estheticians, salon owners, those with a hair or skin care business or looking to start one. Anyone passionate about formulating and making natural hair and skin care products and want to advance to the next level. 

The Formulators LAB is a community of modern formulators; cosmetic formulators passionate about making natural, nourishing, green and clean beauty products. If you want a place of support, access to information on sustainable ingredients with expert guests, worksheets designed for you to formulate and make nourishing body, hair and skin without complex systems and  tons of ingredients. The Formulators LAB is right for you.

We do not provide consulting or custom formulating. We are not a cosmetic formulation school or a supplier nor do we have any affiliations with suppliers. We are here to help you advance in your cosmetic formulating skills with expert information in the cosmetic industry so you can be confident in making effective, safe and stable formulations.

Sustainability is a core value of The Formulators LAB, it guides the choices we make as a company. Raw materials are processed using the guidelines of the 12 principles of cosmetic chemistry. Sustainability meets the needs of the present without a destructive impact to people, animals and the planet. In return, it promotes the ability of future generations to meet their needs. You can find sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and fair trade ingredients in The Formulators Glossary.

We have a flexible and friendly refund policy. For monthly membership we have a three month minimum, cancel anytime after the three months and your membership will end at the end of that monthly billing cycle. If canceled before three months, all access to member formulation classes will be denied. For yearly membership, we will prorate the amount you paid and refund you according to the remainder of the time left on your account (two months free discount is not applicable with a refund).

The Formulators Lab Membership

We offer monthly and annual membership options.




Payments Processed Monthly

Memberships have a 3 month minimum.





2 Months Free Each Year


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